Why the blog?

Because I’m egotistic and self-absorbed, and therefore I like to sound off on a variety of subjects on which I am a self-appointed expert to a seething mass of unheeding and uninterested strangers on the internet instead of at the television or radio for once.

Why the stupid title?

Because it satirises my continuing interest in the ultimate supremacy of the Whig interpretation of history and my bad German language skills.  So, for anybody trying to correct my use of the definite article, that’s the point of the joke.

Why the alias?

I used to work in UK academia, an environment which in my view could inhibit an open expression of personal views to some colleagues over contentious issues such as student fees, US foreign policy or the Israel-Palestine conflict.  Using a ridiculous pseudonym allowed me to express myself freely without fear of potentially career-damaging consequences.  Nowadays, I don’t care.


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