For those seeking the reference points to shaping Ed Miliband’s visionary political leadership, as recently demonstrated in his recent ‘carved into stone’ election commitment photo-opportunity; In this instance. Ed’s team have triumphantly synthesised four previously-unconnected  visualisations.

Firstly, Alex Salmond’s stone obelisk celebrating the imposition of student fees on British students in Scotland.

You can imagine the blue-sky brainstorming session at the relevant meeting of Ed’s strategy team as they gaze at the depressing election campaign poll results –  ‘The Scottish ‘Yes’ campaign seemed to enthuse a disenchanted electorate and the Sneeps are about to give us a kicking – find out what sort of empty gesture politics they got away with and lift them.’

Secondly, Iain Duncan Smith’s innovative ‘IDS card’, deployed in a vain attempt to cement his position as Conservative leader shortly before his sudden-but-somehow-inevitable deposition in 2003;

[To the tune of ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ by R. Kelly]

I believe in hard work…

In rewarding people who play by the rules…

In small government.

I believe in punishing criminals…

In trusting nurses, teachers, police officers…

I believe in a low tax economy.

Thirdly, the mysterious extra-terrestrial monolith surrounded by Ed’s election strategy team from ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’;

And finally, with due respect for Spinal Tap’s free-form jazz exploration ‘Jazz Odyssey’ as the transition point, let’s acknowledge Ed’s bravery in embracing the comedy genius of Tap’s ‘Stonehenge’ stage prop, which was – as one band member averred – ‘In danger of being crushed.. by a dwarf.’


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